PocketDos is a version of an old operating system called MS-DOS designed for flash drives. It will work on just about any computer! I use it to play games, test applications, and do anything else DOS can do! I reccomend it to anyone who is curious about MS-DOS but is not a computer fanatic. It can also be used for disk partitioning or recovering lost data.

It has pre installed GUI (thanks to Necromancer's Dos Navigator), Mouse support, Generic graphics drivers so you can play just about any game, floppy drive support, and even CD-ROM support as well.

An image of the navigator used in the OS

Things I need to do with PocketDos

Known Issues

  • If Windows 95/98/2000 is installed on PocketDOS, It will be unable to run some applications due to modern ram cards
  • CD drivers may not work on laptops